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Farm City


I know the farm is a term used to describe a wide area, each hectare large garden. In that area it is planned that each small area to incorporate cropping, livestock and produce. Farm City is a game simulation of the operation of a farm. Players experience a horticultural farmer and what farmer are doing?+Cultivation:- Food crops: the player is guided tillage sowing and harvest products from food crops.- Fruits: players must buy care seedling and agricultural revenue from these two crops.- Farming: players are guided build barns, buy seed and harvest care products from that animal.+ Production: building workshop using items from livestock and crops to the production of other products to the market consumption.Player as the Farmer must be reclaimed, cleaned to expand the production area.With the innovation of the design, which combines the sophistication of programmers have created a farm game called Farm City that is easy to play, stunning graphics and player friendly.Farm City is the offline game, so you only need to download and play anywhere, anytime.